Morris Little Wolf, Spiritual Leader of the Blackfoot Nation (Piikani First Nation, Alberta, Canada)

Morris Little Wolf, Spiritual Leader of the Blackfoot Nation (Piikani First Nation, Alberta, Canada)

Morris Little Wolf

Spiritual Leader of the Blackfoot Nation (Piikani First Nation, Alberta, Canada)

Morris Little Wolf is a Blackfoot member of the Piikani First Nation that entered into Treaty with the British Crown in 1877. He is married to Bettyann and together they have 11 children, 33 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. Morris is an active member with the Piikani Elders and belongs to the Black Horse and Brave Dog Societies.

Morris has first hand witnessed the destruction of our traditional ways and the challenges that our youth encounter as a result, both on and off the reserve. His workshops on IDENTITY have helped our people become more aware in identifying and expressing feelings, as well as working on how to obtain and maintain a sense of pride and dignity. All of this cultivating responsibility and respect that our people treasure and value.

In 1993, he was introduced as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMO) for the Aboriginal Policing Program. He wa the only First Nation Elder representative in Canada. He was very instrumental in integrating his knowledge of native beliefs into his day to day duties. His spiritual, cultural and traditional values are always explained through his philosophies of emotional, spiritual, physical and mental stability of a person or persons involved. He is still involved in RCMP cross cultural camps that include sweat lodges and ceremony. He is also involved in the justice system of Canada.

Morris Little Wolf has been involved in the Alternative Measures programs since 1995. These programs are being utilized at the Piikani First Nation RCMP, the community Justice Forum and traditional healing circles. The implementation of cross cultural camps for awareness of the First Nations was done wit his exceptional expertise! Through these cultural, he has worked tirelessly in brining positive morale of the First Nation Peoples, Interagency schools and RCMP. Mr Little Wolf has represented the RCMP in all of the above activities throughout Canada, US and Europe.

Morris has a strong belief in the ongoing work of Elders who promote the traditions, customes and values of our Peoples. It is a result of these efforts that he can see a healing process allowing for the development of strategies to promote personal growth. He believes in this process and in our peoles’ ability to examine the challenging issues that face our Nations.

At this time, he is the Commanding Officer’s Aboriginal Advisor for the RCMP “K” division covering the province of Alberta. In addition, Morris is a member of the Elders’-Indigenous Bar Advisory Panel wit the Federal Court on the rules of procedures related to Elder’s testimony. In addition, Morris is a marriage commisioner for the Province of Alberta and a member of the Lethbridge Community College First Nations Advisory Board.