With deep gratitude, love, blessings and joy. Johanna

Thank you, Kara. For the movie, The Bridgewalkers. My heart is moved of gratitude and joy even right now as [...]

Loads of lotus light, Mirja

Dear Kara, thank you for your engagement and great work you do for the change of consciousness on our planet [...]

Rev. Wendy Craig-Purcell, Spiritual Leader and Founder

Hello, I recently had the pleasure of watching BridgeWalkers at the Awakened World Film Festival in Santa Barbara. I would [...]

Thanks a lot, Andrea

Hello again Kara, my friend Doris and I have seen your movie Bridgewalker. We love it very much. We are [...]

in Peace, Mohammad

Greetings Kara, I am a student at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Here on campus there is a First [...]

Many thanks ! Gabriele

Hello Kara, I am professor of environmental medicine at New York University School of Medicine and I would be very [...]

Much Love, Michelle

Thanks Kara, the order is in!!! Can’t wait to see it!  The trailer brings back memories of getting all the [...]

Yours Divinely Inspired, MicHEAL Teal

Hello Kara You are an exceptional human being. I enjoyed visiting your site and learning what makes you special. You [...]

Thanks again for pulling it all together. Bettina 🙂

You did such a great job in making that movie!!! I just wish every one could see it -- Much [...]

All best and Blessings! Igor Strucelj

Dear Kara, My name is Igor Strucelj from Slovenia. I have seen trailer and description of a documentary Bridgewalkers and [...]

Blessings, Jean

Hi Kara, I have seen the trailer for your powerful and beautiful documentary Bridgewalkers.  I would like to see this [...]

Blessings and Balance, Dan Creely Jr.

BridgeWalkers - IT WAS AWESOME!! I was INTO the film and it was just seemless how you wove the [...]