Katherine Whitecloud

Katherine Whitecloud, Mother and Grandmother of the Dakota Nation (Former Chief of Sioux Valley Dakota Nation)

Katherine Whitecloud

Mother and Grandmother of the Dakota Nation (Former Chief of Sioux Valley Dakota Nation)

Born in her grandmother’s home and raised within the loving circle of her extended family04101608 500C 濃州孫六作 別撰料理包丁5点セット【同梱配送不可】【代引き不可】【沖縄・離島配送不可】, Katherine is a proud citizen of the Wipazoka Wakpa Dakota Nation【Aランク】ソファ スツール ベンチ 椅子 いす 背なし 腰掛け 6人用 6人掛け 六人掛け ダイニング リビング 寝室 ロビー SO-0388 シンプル 可愛い おしゃれ 北欧 レザ.

Chosen at the young age of 16 to represent her community and people値下げ交渉可【おたからや美術画廊】米谷清和●浅間山/紙本彩色/風景/日本画/雪山/冬景色/共シール/自然/絵画/原画/美術品/アート/真作保証/中古, Katherine has been a spokesperson for her nation for 30+ yearsその他 K18 1CTダイヤモンドテニスブレスレット YG(イエローゴールド) ds-243687. As a young mother【全国送料無料】コスメプラウド 7点セット, she served as the Vice Chairman and Chairperson for the Sioux Valley Education Authorityジャン=バティスト?カミーユ?コロー ヴォルテッラ近郊の眺め P30サイズ P30号 910x653mm ※個人宛配送?代引不可※絵画 インテリア 額入り 壁掛け 油絵 ジャン=バティスト?カミー. There followed her roles of a teacher and Director of Education##『カード対応OK!』LIXIL サンウェーブ フロアユニット【GKF-U-190W(L?R)B】アイボリー GKシリーズ 間口190 水栓穴付 受注生産, evolving into Tribal Council CEO青春デンデケデケデケ デラックス版 [DVD] 林泰文 新品, Superintendent of Education for Indian and Northern Affairs Canadaその他 TOEI LIGHT(トーエイライト) コーナーフラッグスタンドS4 B3966 ds-1250539, CEO for the Assembly of First Nationsロータイプコーナーソファ5点セット【-Relaxia-リラクシア】, Director of the assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, Chief Education Professional with the University of Illinois, Regional Chief with the assembly of First Nations and contact consultant. Throughout her professional life, Katherine has served on many boards and committees representing the best interest and voice of her people!

Katherine’s role as a Mother and Grandmother has been the impetus for her professional life. The continuing loss of language within which the unwritten rules and laws of her people are imbedded, guides her direction and support for her children and family. The most important work now lies in ensuring the life and teachings, articulated and envisioned by her forefathers, be continually honored and protected.