Greetings Kara,

I am a student at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Here on campus there is a First Nations Office where I met Paula & Elizabeth and from them I heard about this film called BridgeWalkers.

There are a group of us who aspire to play a role in connecting First Nations teachings into our day to day lives. Many of us youth may have been born here but our parents or our grand parents immigrated here and without a sense of history we feel lost, just drifting along.

After watching the trailer to your film I feel inspired to help bring this message to my community.
There are few places I already have in mind that would be receptive to hosting a screening I am just unsure how you usually go about it.

If you already have something planned for this area or if you are open to conversing in regards to what is possible, please do let me know.

in Peace,