Filmmaker of the Year Gold Awards

Filmmakers of the Year Film Festival (FYFF) is established to support independent filmmakers to get international recognitions, exposure, and opportunity for their careers.


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Ailia, directed by Sameh Salem , International Short Film
All in Her Stride, directed by Fiona Cochrane,  International Documentary Filmmaker of the Year (Fiona Cochrane)
Bondage, directed by Esquire Jauchem, International Newcomer of the Year (Esquire Jauchem)
BridgeWalkers, directed by Kara Rhodes, Suzan Pelfrey, Documentary Feature Film
For My Children, directed by Stathis Plotas, Documentary Feature Film, Director
Gen A, directed by Napat Tangsanga, International Short Film, Director, International Filmmaker of the Year (Napat Tangsanga), Producer
Huidas, directed by Mercedes Gaspar Salvo, International Feature Film, Director, Cinematography, Actress, Story
Krusing America, directed by Linda Kruse, Documentary Short Film