Chief Arvol Looking Horse

Chief Arvol Looking Horse

Chief Arvol Looking Horse
19th Generation Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe

Arvol Looking Horse was born on the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota in 1954. Raised by his Grandparents Lucy and Thomas Looking Horse, he learned the culture and spiritual ways of the Lakota. He speaks both Lakota and English.

At the age of twelve収納たっぷりスリムキッチン 収納ワゴン・幅60cm, he was given the enormous responsibility of becoming the 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf PipeCaribbean Icon【中古】, the youngest in historyエアコン 【お得な工事費込セット!! CSH-W2817R-W + 標準工事でこの価格!!】コロナ CSH-W2817R-W ホワイト Wシリーズ [エアコン (主に10畳用・100V)].  He has feltアズワン キャリブレックスディスぺンサー Calibrex(TM) 530 容量 0.5〜5mL (3-7065-03), on many occasions★ポイント最大7倍★【全国配送可】-クロススクリーンカーテンタイプ KSS1218 1200×420×1800mm 2連タイプ ホワイト 型番KSS1218ホワイト asn8-5128-02 -【, overwhelmed by inheriting such a responsibility for the Lakotaウェルス&アバンダンス ラディエントウェルス プロスペリティペンダント スカイディンカスタマイズレベル1スカイディンが選んだ3つのジェムストーン未来からやってきた一点byスカイディン2017年ニューイ, Dakota and North Dakota Nakota Nations at such a young ageダイヤセーフ 家庭用耐火金庫 ダイヤルロック(ダイヤルタイプ) DT68-6【代引き・同梱不可】.

He was raised in an era that gave witness to the suppression of his spiritual practices. He decided to “work for change and let the world know how beautiful our way of life is, so the Seventh Generation can have a better life”

1986 the Big Foot Riders of which Chief Looking Horsel is a spiritual leader, began fullfillment of a prophecy known as “Mending of the Sacred Hoop of the Nation”. Chief looking Horse honors the healing journey by riding with Big Foot Riders by horseback every December 15-29th in severe temperatures, to understand the immensity of the hardship of Chief Bigfoot and his band.  They are proud to have touched the spirit of the people who gave so much for our way of life!

The birth of a white buffalo in Wisconsin in 1994, directed him to begin another spiritual journey of four year commitment to organize World Peace and Prayer Day on June 21st in 4 directions. The purpose of WPPD is to bring awareness to the prophecies with a call to secure the sacred sites that according to Lakota tradition, dwell every 100 miles around Grandmorher Earth.

For the past 18 years Chief Arvol has continued spreading peace and hope around the globe by continuing WPPD US, Ireland, Japan, Africa, New Zealand and many other places.

In his work on International Peace processes and global healing, Chief Looking Horse traveled to Iraq to pray for peace in 1999 and again in 2004. Although he and other Elders were taken captive on their initial trip that did not change his path in praying for world peace.

Chief Looking Horse has continued to meet with other  peace leaders like Desmond Tutu and the Dahli lama to lead our world into a deeper connection to creator, mother earth and ourselves.

Chief Looking Horse is devoted to creating a mass awareness of “all nations, all faiths, one prayer” to encourage everyone to take time on June 21st and unite in prayer/meditation to heal our Grandmother Earth such like ceremonies by people surrounding an individual who is in need of health.  The world is in turmoil and this great effort must succeed in order that our generations to come have a healthy world in which to live.

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